Mountain Bike Track

This trip is to explore Morocco by mountain bike, thought for an expert rider looking for a great bike adventure, fully supported.

Day 1: Marrakech – Imlil

The meeting and departure point of the tour will be Marrakech airport. We will then move directly to a comfortable Riad in Imlil. The transfer time is around one hour and a half. Preparing for the tour and the bike before dinner. Dinner will be based on soup, tajine and desert fruit, accompanied by the typical Moroccan tea. Going to bed early will not be easy because you will be full of energy and thrilled by all the information.
We will try to organize a single transfer from the airport to Imlil of the whole group. However, we are aware that not everyone will be able to arrive in the same time slot, so if the arrival time is very different from the rest of the group, we will offer an additional transfer option for Imlil.

Day 2: Tacheddirt, Tamgaist, Amssakrou, Imi Oughlad

This is the beginning of the tour of the first day. Let’s get started and climb!

Not too difficult but quite demanding. At the top of the mount pass, we will stop for a break and to get mint tea and biscuits before heading to the first real singletrack through the villages of Tacheddirt, Tamgaist and Amssakrou. This will be a technical track of a couple of hours that will get us to the river bed for lunchtime. After a good lunchbreak where you can rest, there will be a short climb that turns into a SUPER TECHNICAL downhill . This is really very challenging and it takes a good training to deal with.
At the end of this track, we will stop for the night at Imi Oughlad. Dinner will be served and prepared by exceptional chef who will cook a traditional three-course Berber meal that will leave you greatly satisfied.

Day 3: Imi Oughlad

An abundant breakfast and a supply of energy bars will help us to face the first ascent of the day. From Imi Oughlad we start a tough climb up to the head of the second pass. The climb is optional and a transfer can be arranged for those who cannot face the challenge. From here onwards, we will face the first super-fast and technical route of the day. Kilometer after kilometer of track, you will keep braking while you touch the rock technical sections and try to keep the speed! This is easier and faster than the first day and will make you smile!
At the bottom of this path there is a shop where we can refresh ourselves before leaving for the next climb. At the top of this climb we enter a short section of technical path of 800 meters, very challenging! From here onwards, we will descend to the area where we will stay for the night and have lunch.
After lunch we have a photo shoot session thanks to the excellent location and the beautiful colors of the landscape.
A fantastic three-course meal will be served for dinner, with lots of good food and time to talk about the trip and emotions felt.

Day 4: Imi Oughlad – Amizmiz

This will be a very challenging day, up to 2000 meters above sea level.
The narrow and steep path will take us to the river bed and we will cross several villages along the way. There will be a couple of small climbs of 3-400 meters that will catapult in incredibly fast sections where it will be important to engage to face the tight bends … This section will last more than three hours!
We will stop for lunch in an isolated wooded part of the river bed. Lunch will be a welcome break after the efforts made.
After lunch and after a short warm up of 1.5-2 km, we will cross a spectacular gorge. This is a breathtaking scenery and one of the best routes in the world!
Unfortunately, like all the best things in life, it must come to an end! We will return to the asphalt road and from here we will take a 10 km tour to Amizmiz .

5° giorno: Amizmiz – Ait Ahmad

After breakfast, we will face one of the most difficult and challenging days of the week. This will also challenge the most competent drivers under a technical point of view.
We start with a very challenging climb. From the peak of this challenge we have a downhill to the river bed on the other side of the valley and then another very technical climb. You will be amazed by the level of grip that pushes you to advance and that really makes it a good section. From the top, you leave for a fantastic downhill, your reward before another shorter crossing, which projects us on a dirty road that we follow for 3 km to the lunch area.
After lunch we will have a short, constant crossing through several rustic villages in Ait Ahmad where we will then stop for the night. You will be in a large village, all to explore: with its incredible landscape and its caves.

Day 6: Ijoukak – Tigmi tamazirt

This is the last day by bike and… the best one! A trip that will test your physical and technical skills!
We start with a slight crossing and climb to the head of the pass. This includes a 10-minute trekking route.
While you admire the valley, all you’ll see will be a thin path that disappears in the distance. This is fast and smooth to warm you up; then it goes down and become the most technical path to the river bed.

After lunch, you will be transferred to Ijoukak for the last night in the mountains or you can choose to  ride the 18 km to Tigmi tamazirt.

7° giorno: Marrakech

After breakfast, load the bikes on the 4 × 4 and then move to the Hotel in Marrakech to freely spend the rest of the day and night. This is a great opportunity to explore the famous Jnaa El Fna square, the souks and other places of interest in the city. Overnight in Marrakech.

8° giorno: Airport

Transfer to the airport and return home by plane .

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