Morocco Life

Planando lives Morocco, as the meaning of the trip, accompanies your and our story together, within the folds of history.

No written words can replace the direct awareness that a Country offers in the course of its daily life, of the life that flows every time with different speeds, passing the past and the future from hand to hand, without interruption.

Grasping the present, beyond the possible homologation that each of us inevitably meets during a trip, is the other side of the story the one that settles day by day, inside our personal ability to tell us, to tell “the other seen by himself

Morocco is a Country that grows looking at the future with confidence, adapting to changes, through significant and widespread investments.
From transport infrastructures, to the construction of new road connections, from the development of entire urban areas, to the construction of extensive neighborhoods at the border of some small and large cities. Seaports, rail stations and airports of new construction, fuel a sense of efficiency towards those who intend to transfer resources and new investments in important areas of commercial and economic development even through international cooperation projects.

The computer network is also widespread in areas of apparent neglect, where periurban spaces are born at great speed and new pieces of the city already perfectly wired.

Like any change this brings a rapid adaptation to the demands of modernity and the latest technology, social differences grow when the impact is more radical, where changes do not accept cultural mediations.
Living Morocco is like immersing yourself in the history of Man, passing between tradition and modernity with an unpredictable principle of alternation, but with the extraordinary ability to give you back a sense of history and the various stratifications in a few minutes; multi-ethnic and linguistic welcome, with a European profile, within ancient, tribal rituals, support your daily presence.

A rapidly evolving cultural, commercial mix; if in direct contact with the western world, slower even if in movement, if the path of reforms has to deal with the ancient rules of writing of the Maghreb people

It’s a Country where commercial and economic exchanges are among the most important and significant in Africa compared to the rest of the world, where Europeans and others find solid bases for major private investments and where the development of international relations are among the priorities of the central government.

Technology, automotive, agri-food, textiles and agriculture are among the activities of greater economic development, investment and growth in the Country. Another rapidly growing sector is research in the field of renewable energy sources, such as solar energy.

“Morocco’s new sun” is the title of an interesting article by Luigi Spinola where close to “the village of Tasselmante, Nur III’s solar tower (light in Arabic), is located; the most futuristic section with a solar thermodynamic power plant complex, wanted by King Muhammad VI, to make Morocco a “sun superpower.”

Planando can offer this extraordinary glance towards modernity and primacy of renewables, crossing entire territories where research into the future is pure reality.

From the shores of the Atlantic and Mediterranean Ocean to the arid lands of the South East, Morocco year after year conquers more and more importance in the world ranking of tourism. Tourism today is the Country’s largest economic resource, aiming to bring Morocco among the top 20 tourist destinations in the world by 2020 (Vision 2020).

There are a large number of investments in culture and the redevelopment projects of entire urban areas, palaces and historic buildings inside the imperial cities; this is a symptom of the desire to change, knowing that this approach opens the doors towards the entire world, towards the knowledge and direct experience, towards history and our contemporaneity.

New museums, parks and gardens, Riad and renovated buildings, patient recoveries of entire buildings and a skillful use of fine Moroccan materials, such as the Fes or Safi ceramics, make Morocco an example of grace and elegance in living spaces; and residences in the medina of many cities and sites of historical value. The richness in the decorations of interior architecture, is a sign of welcome and beauty that is revealed only after having crossed and admired the entrance door in dark wood

The personal space is dedicated to the family, the intimacy that becomes the architectural space where silence and symbology find the right measure. A patio, a fruit tree and a simply decorated fountain, where the light of the sun enters to gently illuminate the common environment.

Perhaps Marrakech is nowadays the imperial city which best represents this cultural and social ferment and polyhedral, where the charm of history and the richness of monuments and sacred places, faces quality, richness and widespread tourist offer, maybe paying too much attention to the Western world. But, as any great explorer, it is necessary to know how to distinguish where a foreigner does not intend to set up a dwelling, in order not to be confused with the settled marshes of conformism.
Thinking about Morocco, Planando wishes to offer a series of thoughts, some taken from books, guides, research and in-depth analysis of various kinds.
On a monthly basis, Planado offers different stories and a glossary to learn more about Morocco and its life, in a constantly changing environment.