Planando offers you Morocco

"No passion is useless. That of undertaking, triumphs over any attendance and pessimism." Tahar Ben Jelloun - Morocco, Novel | 2010

Planando promotes and implements travel programs for you.

Planando promotes and implements travel programs and tailor made itineraries for you; we will introduce Morocco and its life. Planando is a skilled and passionate Tour Organizer; we create journeys and emotions and offer a feasible itinerary, which we will design together, step by step.

Planando offers a different way to express your personal story and your emotions, providing some interpretation keys and giving the chance to meet women and men able to show us different paths and looks to better understand what a Country reveals or how it takes care of us, even if only for a short passage.
You will be protagonist in your journey, building together with Planando your trip and desire to experience.
Planando has its own shape; it is a kind act, without tears and presumptions, without easy knowledge and improbable discoveries.
The person who glides, approaches the goal calmly and curiously; he observes and minds his footsteps, knocking before entering someone else’s house. For those who glide, it’s always the first time.
This is our spirit. A pedometer to understand who is not himself. With no hurry.